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A Musical Revolution in Europe!

A Musical Revolution in Europe!

09:12 GMT 11 December, 2009 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

A Musical Revolution in Europe!

On September 29, 2009 in the George V Hotel in Paris, France, a press conference was held to launch the new EuroVoice initiative – a brand new European music contest to rival all others.

The participants of the press conference included:

Eric Serra – President of the EuroVoice European Music Contest

Nicos Neophytou – member of the EuroVoice Organising Committee and CEO of Q Productions Limited

Nino Bakradze – member of the EuroVoice Organising Committee

The EuroVoice European Music Contest is the first European music contest where only the audience chooses the winner, and in which musicians, singers and bands from any country located within the geographical boundaries of Europe, Turkey and Israel can take part.

EuroVoice is breaking away from the traditional music contest format by allowing an objective audience to determine the winner, rather than a selective panel of judges. EuroVoice wants to bring honesty, openness, transparency and political impartiality back to the European music industry.

The Contest's motto is "Let the talent be heard". Its ideology, paired with sophisticated new technology, has enabled EuroVoice to start a musical revolution in Europe.

Nino Bakradze: "We want to give talented musicians a chance to break into the music industry. Every year we hope to discover at least 20 new acts in each country participating in the Contest. On a European scale, that would bring hundreds of new talented artists onto the scene. We expect at least thirty countries to take part in the first Contest, but we are open to more."

The Contest has tens of thousands of supporters – from music fans, to world famous music stars. Eric Serra, the composer and great instrumentalist who has scored all of director Luc Besson's films, is Chairman of the Council of Experts. It is the job of the Council of Experts to ensure that the EuroVoice principles are upheld during the Contest. 

Total transparency of the EuroVoice Contest results is ensured with the use of the unique online portal – www.eurovoice.tv. This is where musicians can upload their songs, and music lovers can listen to the contestants' entries and vote, safe in the knowledge that each and every vote is honestly recorded.

Eric Serra: "The main thing which sets the EuroVoice Contest apart from all the others is that all the votes from the audience will be clearly displayed online on the Contest Portal. You can plainly see how many people have voted and check the final results. I cannot influence the voting process in any way whatsoever. Only the votes from the audience will decide the winner. All I can do is observe the proceedings and give my own personal opinion, but it is not a deciding factor. So, that's what makes the EuroVoice Contest unique."

All the information you may need about the Contest is already online on the EuroVoice Contest Portal (www.eurovoice.tv). Here you can get more information on the Contest Rules and Regulations and find out more about the EuroVoice philosophy. Online voting will start on the portal in two month's time.

The organisers will publicise each stage of the Contest. The next press conference will take place soon and will be used to brief journalists about exactly how the Contest Portal works. The Super Final will take place in the spring in one of the participating countries of Europe.

Nino Bakradze: "Every Luc Besson film is a cinematographic masterpiece. In turn, every Eric Serra soundtrack composed for those films is a musical masterpiece. With backing from Eric Serra, it's not hard to imagine that EuroVoice will also be such a great masterpiece..."

EuroVoice Press Conference - 29th Sept, Paris from EuroVoice on Vimeo.