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Adele '21' breaks 10 million sales

Adele '21' breaks 10 million sales

03:11 GMT 29 November, 2012 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

According to Billboard, as of last week '21' had sold 10,020,000 units. 28,000 were sold in the past week.

'21' has reached the milestone award in under two years. Its lowest sales week was 17,000 in its first week and the highest sales week was 730,000 in February this year.

The last two albums to sell 10 million quicker than Adele '21' were NSync's 'No Strings Attached' in 43 weeks in 2001 and Backstreet Boys 'Millennium' after 39 weeks.

Billboard also report that Adele '21' is the third album this year to be certified Diamond. Linkin Park 'Hybrid Theory' and Usher 'Confessions' also reached the magic number. ( by music-news.com