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Athens is waiting for EuroVoice 2010

Athens is waiting for EuroVoice 2010

12:05 GMT 13 May, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Wide coverage of the press-conference in the Greek media give one more proof, that now Europe is ready for the transparency in the music industry like never before.

Athens is waiting for EuroVoice 2010

Support in Greece, the motherland of democracy and Olympics, is very important for EuroVoice and is inspiring our team to take even more productive and effective steps for the preparation to the Super Final.

During the first ten hours of the voting enormous number of votes were given by the fans for their favorite artists. EuroVoice Team is ready for much more active interaction with our listeners and expects the rise in the number of supporters.

Voting through the Internet Stage will last till 26th of May and very soon new and perspective talents will be selected by large European family. Vote system is flexible and secure, so everybody can increase or decrease the number of points near any Contest Song just by using personal mobile phone and Contest Portal (EuroVoice.tv).