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Berta Reveals the Talented Belarus

Berta Reveals the Talented Belarus

07:08 GMT 18 August, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

EuroVoice welcomes Berta from Belarus to share her music with Europe.

She started professional music career in 2007 when she met Belarussian composer Leonid Shirin.

Berta has 9 recorded singles to date which will be included in the solo album she is currently working on. Her music mirrors everything that happens in her life.

For Berta music is the easiest way to express her opinion, thoughts, to be heard by a lot of people, to prove that you can change your life even when you are 30 and become whoever you want to be.

Her objective in life is her family. They encouraged her when Berta made a decision to change life and become a singer. Her family is everything to Berta, they inspire her and support her in everything she does.

Support her Contest Song “Everything is in you” in the Super Final of EuroVoice 2010!

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