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"Cyprus is waiting!" Interview of  “The Secret”

"Cyprus is waiting!" Interview of “The Secret”

09:11 GMT 18 November, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Winner of  EuroVoice 2010 group “The Secret” / Cyprus / answered questions for information department of the contest.

1. How do you feel about winning the EuroVoice 2010 European Music Contest?

We are very happy for winning EuroVoice music Contest 2010 and especially because through this competition thousands of people heard about us and our music.

2. How was your over all experience with the Contest?

Participating in a music contest is an invaluable experience after all. An experience full of different emotions. You begin with the expectation that the public will select your song to represent the country you are competing for. Then, the preparation for the finals follows and of course the anxiety you have until the announcement of the results.

3. Did you believe you would win?

The truth is that although we tended to say “we will see what will happen”, we believed that we had a really good song. Especially after the end of the semi-finals voting which gave us the first place in the overall order, the views of the Secret’s video clip on youtube which were over 100.000, and the thousands of messages on facebook, we knew that we will do very well and the chances to win were very good.

4. Did you think the competition was hard?

Yes, the competition was hard because there were very good songs.

5. Which of the other contestants did you consider as your strongest opponent?

Armenia, England and Greece.

6. Since you decided to participate in a European Music Contest, do you feel that your expectations are satisfied?

Our expectations are met and now we have started living our dream.

7. Cyprus is considered as one of the most possible countries to host EuroVoice 2011, also because of your winning. How do you feel about it?

We are excited that Cyprus is the most possible country to host EuroVoice 2011, not only because is the country that the Secret’s represent but also because Cypriots love music contests and music in general. We know they have been waiting for long to host an important music contest and we are sure that they will support it.

8. How do you think that EuroVoice will help your career? Which are your future plans?

We believe that EuroVoice will help our career and it will make our dreams come true both in discography and in our live shows in Greece and in Europe. We want to thank EuroVoice who gave us the chance to begin their career in Europe.



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