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December 21, 1 PM (CET) Eric Serra at Live Web Conference

December 21, 1 PM (CET) Eric Serra at Live Web Conference

03:12 GMT 15 December, 2009 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

"My world is music, EuroVoice is a part of my world", Eric Serra at Live Web Conference on www.eurovoice.tv

On December 21, the Live Web Conference with the president of the contest Eric Serra, iconic French composer and producer, will take place.

15 music journalists from 15 European countries with plenty of tough questions!

Live Web Conference format will allow the journalists from European countries to ask Eric Serra their questions. Visitors of the www.eurovoice.tv will also get such an opportunity. Moreover, they will be able to voice their opinion and to become a part of a new music era’s birth.

Dear friends! Music is a universal language and all musicians on Earth understand each other without borders or origins. May your contributions to Music be a strong stone on the road of a new world.

The accreditation process and application conditions for media representatives starts December 16, 2009

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