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Electronic Soul of Denmark

Electronic Soul of Denmark

03:09 GMT 15 September, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Denmark gave its votes for unusual music in the terms of the pop-stage. Pil proposes a new leap of the music development by adding electronic flavor to her song.

Pil is a solo artist, a singer, writing her own songs (R&B/pop/house/electro) in English
& Danish, she has been recording professionally in studios since 2001 & has been
performing on various stages & clubs in Denmark since 2003 (sometimes including
collaborations with different rappers, & accompanied by talented dj's, dancers & backing

Besides this she has been putting a lot of energy into helping other people also via her
music, writing & performing songs with strong messages to inspire teenagers in
particular fx-sound.

She has her own style, write her own songs from the heart and she has a very down-to-earth natural personality and a lot of positive energy. She really likes to inspire other people to follow their dreams by doing it by herself.

Pil's inspiration is love in all shapes and forms and life. She also inspires other people by giving herself to be true to herself and good to others.

Music is a chosen path for 100% by the singer. Pil is a fighter and a believer. She is happy to get to do what she loves as much as possible in her life. And she is always striving to the stars.

She admires people who combine talent with a sweet, strong, real and honest personality. Pil would never do anything against her own values. If you don't have yourself, nothing is worth anything in Pil's opinion.

She loves to be stylish & classy in whatever she does, always putting her own touch on everything to keep it original and true.

Pil wishes to spread love and positive energy, which can be felt from her and her performance.

EuroVoice welcomes Pil to the Contest and calls fans to support her during the performance and voting!



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