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EuroVoice 2010 enters the Internet Stage

EuroVoice 2010 enters the Internet Stage

08:04 GMT 15 April, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

From April 14, 2010 EuroVoice is officially alive and all artists, willing to participate are welcomed to register on the portal. Together with its fans, EuroVoice will chage the face of global music contests.


We ask artists to be as creative as possible in the terms of your promo - prepare your multimedia and communicate with your fans. If you need any assistance in the self-promo, our personal managers can always help you, either your are and artist or a fan-group leader.


The process of approving the artists for the contest will last till the 25th of May. Polish your songs, videos and other information before the submission on EuroVoice.tv and enjoy the company of best voices in Europe during the Super Final.


From May 12, 2010 the voting process will be activated for two weeks till May 25, 2010. During this time artists will enhance their national web-presence in order to get the maximum number of votes in their native country.


On the next day our fans will see voting results and the list of Participants of the Super Final will be published officially. From this moment fans and artists of EuroVoice 2010 will count days till the Super Final.