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EuroVoice 2010 has been Completed Successfully

EuroVoice 2010 has been Completed Successfully

02:09 GMT 25 September, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Each modern artist experiences the myriad of online challenges on the way to the big stage.

Being truly interactive and online based, EuroVoice shortens the path for real talents facing the artists and community on the portal directly.

Now we can proudly celebrate the victory of Cyprus musicians from "The Secret" band.

They gifted listeners and viewers from the whole Europe with amazing and breathtaking performance.

On every stage of the Contest, only users was able to influence the results of voting.

Soon you will be updated with the latest materials from the Contest.

Thank you all for coming and supporting EuroVoice 2010 and see you in 2011!



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