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EuroVoice Club! New-look Portal!

EuroVoice Club! New-look Portal!

04:01 GMT 12 January, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

The Contest does not officially kick-off until spring 2010, but the Organising Committee is already offering musicians a chance to become a member of the EuroVoice Club.

In the run-up to the Contest, Club members can promote themselves and their music and even create their own fan clubs, where fans can get to know their favourite act and also the other fans.
All you have to do to become a Club member is fill in a special registration form, go to "Log in>Register" and upload one or more entry songs.

The whole portal has been completely redesigned.
Now you can improve your rating by being active on your profile. So, it's up to you how popular you become.
Every time you add a new track, or upload a new video or photo, this is displayed online on the Portal's main page.
Become a member of the EuroVoice Club! Take this opportunity; take your fate in your own hands.

The millions of Internet users and television viewers of Europe await you!