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  EuroVoice European Music Contest is already in Kyiv

EuroVoice European Music Contest is already in Kyiv

01:04 GMT 28 April, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team


Symbolic fire of the new European Music Contest has been flared and sent to Athens, the motherland of Olympics. In this very place the new annual tradition of holding EuroVoice European Music Contest is being born.


On the 27th of April Ukrainian and international journalists met with key figures of the project: Member of Organizing Committee Mr. Nikos Neofitu (UK) and General Director of ICMG company, representing EuroVoice in post-soviet countries - Ms. Nino Bakradze (Ukraine). General Producer of EuroVoice Miltos Karatzas participated in the press-conference over the Internet.


Suddenly Ruslana Lyzhychko joined the representatives of EuroVoice.


Guests presented themselves and shortly described their responsibility realms. Mr. Karatzas told in details about the new model of 21st century music contest, described ultra-modern OAKA venue, where the Super Final will be held. This sport and concert hall is planned for 18 000 spectators and is one of the best in its class for such a large scale project. He has also noticed, that state-of-art technologies will be used in the Super Final.


EuroVoice will offer artists from different European countries and different cultures to communicate in “international music language”.


419 artists from 39 European countries have registered on EuroVoice.tv by the time press-conference started.


Nikos Neofitu has underlined, that he is especially happy with one of the basic principles of the Contest - apolitic approach : “EuroVoice was created not for countries, but for personalities”. 


Ruslana Lyzhychko, who made exceptionally a lot to promote Ukraine by the mean of music culture, inspirationally supported the idea of transparency and democracy of the Contest. She stated: “EuroVoice is a unique contest and we need such projects like air”.