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EuroVoice Welcomes Anastacia to the Super Final

EuroVoice Welcomes Anastacia to the Super Final

04:08 GMT 02 August, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Super Final of EuroVoice 2010 will engage the state-of-art technologies and top artists in the music industry.

Anastacia will perform during one of the day of the Super Final and will show the diversity of her voice to all music lovers. She was nicknamed "The Little Lady with The Big Voice" and all fans are anxiously waiting to sing the words from her song lyrics by heart together with the crowds. Her music is a real gift for the visitors of the event.

Now information about the remarkable show during the Super Final is becoming more and more detailed for all fans. There is still one secret music star and secret presenter, whose participation in the show will be announced soon. Their names will be revealed soon to the wide EuroVoice audience.