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EuroVoice.tv enhances its functionality

EuroVoice.tv enhances its functionality

10:04 GMT 22 April, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team


Every single day brings us closer to the Super Final in Athens. The Organizational Committee works actively to improve all aspects of the preliminary stages before the Super Final.


Today we want to turn your attention to the new section on EuroVoice.tv, that is devoted exclusively to the Contest Songs. Here you will find only those songs, that will participate in the contest officially.


While a lot of already registered artists are still thinking, what song to choose, let us remind you to select the song quicker and send its title to EuroVoice Personal Manager (manager@eurovoice.tv). Don’t forget about EuroVoice requirements to the song - it should not have been released commercially by the Contestant or any other artist before submission   to EuroVoice.tv and be up to 3 minutes 20 seconds.


After contacting your EuroVoice Personal Manager about the song, you’ll find it in the Contest Song section and there you will be able to promote yourself as an official Participant. We wish you good luck in building your fan network, as huge, as possible. Involve all your creativity in delivering your Contest Song to the audiences across Europe.