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Explanation of the EuroVoice 2010 voting

Explanation of the EuroVoice 2010 voting

10:05 GMT 05 May, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team


It is important to clarify the votes count logics on EuroVoice.tv before the start of the voting itself.

The platform for voting on the Internet Stage (12 -25 May, 2010) will cast each vote with a high level of security to ensure reliable identification of the fans by uniting personal mobile communications with on-line interface of EuroVoice.tv. Meanwhile the possibility for the fans are much wider, what will allow them to compete among their fan networks to support the artists.


Everybody will be able to vote each 24 hours to like or dislike the Contestant from their native country. Internet-voting will last almost for two weeks, so the leader position in each country can be quite surprising even for the most popular artists.


All the “Listening” data listed near every track on the portal will not be taking into account on the Internet Stage, that will start soon. EuroVoice Team notes, that this criteria is intended only for understanding the potential of the Contestants.

This is the part of our transparent model - it gives possibility to promote yourself and give the spectators chance to learn all the fruits of the artist’s creative work. The artist network of EuroVoice is large, so it takes time to learn all the names and make the credible choice.


The voting mechanics on EuroVoice.tv counts each voice independently from many factors to simplify the communication of the artists with its fans on the early stages of the Contest. This is different to the platform, that will be presented to the on-line audience during the very first day of the Internet Stage.


The flexibility in the voting model on the Internet Stage is a challenge not only for the Super Final Candidates but for the virtual fans networks as well. The “music language” of the artist should be pleasant and motivational to inspire the fans to support the Contest Song during the whole voting process. 


Almost every European country has submitted their candidates for participation in the Super Final. These musicians will lead to fascinating international event and unite Europe in a new and unique way.