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Fans are Rising the Voting Tension

Fans are Rising the Voting Tension

08:05 GMT 18 May, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

First results of voting are finally available to the public. Fan networks stoking the tension with active voting to increase and decrese the votes number for each Contestant.

For the moment 279 Contest Songs from 38 countries are participating in the voting. 60 Songs are still beyond the limitations of EuroVoice 2010 Rules and Regulations.

More than 85 000 votes in favor and more than 40 000 votes against were given by the fans during the first 6 days of the voting. Through the preliminary period of the Internet Stage our servers sent more than 120 000 SMS with passwords to prove the personality of voters.

EuroVoice team is awaiting the rise of the fans activity, becasuse support networks are not willing to make way to Super Final to other Contestants from their countries. First half of the voting through the Internet Stage is over, but the way is clear for the competition and situation can change any time.

We ask fan networks to be as active as possible and support their favorite artists in the face of Super Final and we are ready to withstand a pressure and present real democratic approach for the first time in the history of music industry . We believe, that the natural choice will reveal the strongest Contestants and ensure fascinating show in Athens.