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Feel the Rhythm of Israeli Music

Feel the Rhythm of Israeli Music

03:08 GMT 25 August, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

“A computer programmer for occupation, but Musician in heart” - that is how Doro-Doron Eitan calls himself and this phrase is reflected in the soul of his music.

He was born in Israel in a Greek family, originally from Thessaloniki who immigrated after 2nd world war.

All of his songs are about journeys around the world, the people and cultures he met, his love and prospectives on life.

On January this year Doron released "The words you never say" and then on March he released "I knew you could be", which became a hit on dance floors and clubs. It was just a coincidence that just one day after he finished recording "Second chance" Doron heard about EuroVoice from a friend and decided to register and try his chance and to participate in a contest for the first time.

Being abroad for so many years (U.S, London,Greece ) opened his eyes to see things in a different light.

He believes that basically there is something good in everyone and that it's our job to make this world better.

His song is a song about new fresh start. About someone who is heading to a new way, starting again from new, but with a good vibes, it is an optimistic song and not a sad song although it’s talking about a break up.

EuroVoice wishes Doron successful performance and lots of active fans to support him in the Final!


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