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The Internet Stage of EuroVoice was concluded on May 26th, 2010! The dates for the Super Final announced!

The Internet Stage of EuroVoice was concluded on May 26th, 2010! The dates for the Super Final announced!

06:05 GMT 27 May, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

 The EuroVoice Organizational Committee is pleased to announce the completion of the Internet Stage of the EuroVoice 2010 Music Contest.

Within the next few days, after executing all the necessary legal formalities, the participants of the Super Finali will be announced officially on the EuroVoice Portal and they will start preparing for the Super Final.

The first analysis of the participants data has shown the following:

Artists from a total 38 European countries have participated in the Internet Stage. Almost all of them are newcomer artists. Nearly 600.000 votes were cast from fans around Europe to their support.

The Organizational Committee, after taking into consideration the requests and proposals of many Participants and fans of the Contest, has taken the tough but necessary decision to extend the duration of the preparation and promotion period for participants of the Super Final for two more months. This means postponing the Super Final from June to September 2010.

This will give the Organizational Committee more time to ensure a greater publicity of the Super Final, but, more importantly, it will give participants of the Super Final a chance to make their songs better known within the circles of music lovers. This way,participants of the Super Final will be given more time to run an effective promo-campaign and to gather support from their fan networks.

 Artists and their Songs are principal for EuroVoice.

The Organizational Committee is convinced, that careful planning will make EuroVoice 2010 the event of the year in the world of music contests.

The Super Final of EuroVoice will take place at the OAKA Stadium in Athens on 23 and 24 September 2010.

Each participant of the Contest will now have a dynamic new personal profile on the official EuroVoice Portal, equipped with all necessary tools for spreading his/her music to the Fans.


Europe’s New Talent will be heard!


Let the music win!