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Internet voting starts today at midnight!

Internet voting starts today at midnight!

08:05 GMT 12 May, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Let us inform you, that today from 11:59 pm the voting for the Participants of Super Final in Athens will start officially.


To vote you will need to press “+” or “-” button to like or dislike the Contest Song and enter your mobile phone number where requested. Subsequently, you will receive an 6-digit password on your mobile, that is necessary to prove your identity. Enter it in the field near the song and press “Confirm” button. You will receive SMS and from his moment you vote will be cast.  


We also ask artists to turn their attention to the songs with exclamation mark near Contest Song. You need to fill the information about the owners of your Song as soon as possible.


Otherwise the votes for the Contest Song given by the fans will not be counted.


You are only one step in the face of Participation in EuroVoice 2010. It is quick and easy to add the necessary information, so do this and give your fans  a chance to support your music.

If you experience any lack of understanding your personal manager is always ready to help you.