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The Internet voting will start on the 12th of May

The Internet voting will start on the 12th of May

06:05 GMT 03 May, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team



Very soon the on-line community will start giving their votes for favorite artists. First time in the history of music contests there will be a possibility either to like and dislike the Contestants.


So, if you have made your choice and is ready to support your favorite artist and believe in its potential, do your best to ensure its victory on the very early stages of EuroVoice 2010.


Each fan can do an enormous favor for the artists - just spread the Contest Song all over the Internet and deliver the music idea to all your friends. If you don't see the Contest Song image near the song of the artists, feel free to use all communication channels to inform your Artist, that you are not able to support its music. In this case, most of the artists do not turn attention to the required length of the song - 3 minutes 20 seconds.


EuroVoice Organizing Committee asks artists and fans to unite all their strength in the competition for the Super Final Participant status.