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Italian Appeal to Bohemian Audience

Italian Appeal to Bohemian Audience

10:08 GMT 30 August, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

After two weeks of voting in the Internet Stage Bohémièn Skyzzoyd Orchestrers gained leadership in Italy.

It is a duo of young men from south of Sardinia that are known to work, have become friends and join together to realize a dream, or rather a need of writing songs.

There is no meaning behind the name of the band - artists liked the sound of words put together, a little French and some English.

They explain, that ”there is a crisis and we all are a little bohemian doing odd jobs and make some money playing in the worst bar in the south of Sardinia”.

So Bohémièn Skyzzoyd Orchestrers is an interesting challenge for music lovers to reshape classical uunderstanding of the bohemian audience, what gives a hot flavor to their music and interesting information for thinking when listening to their songs.

They joined EuroVoice Contest because of the certain rules of participation, that make it transparent. And they hope to transform their music in their profession, as well as EuroVoice is intended to change the face of music industry.

Moreover, musicians from this band are not looking for victory, what makes them even more sincere in their music. Not often you will able to see such a non-commercial attitude on the big stage, so Bohémièn Skyzzoyd Orchestrers plays on the right side of the music.

Anyway if they will win, the award will be used for music project and after the competition the band hopes to have more possibilities to emerge. They ask you to remember, that in life you have to fight, even if life does not go according to your projects.

EuroVoice welcomes Italian duo to share their ideas and music with whole Europe and asks to support the band in the name of freedom in the music industry!


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