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Just One Step before the Super Final!

Just One Step before the Super Final!

09:06 GMT 01 June, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

For several days Organizational Committee has been working with potential participants of Super Final. 38 artists and bands won the battle in the Internet Stage and raised themselves to the new level of popularity.

In a week term Organizational Committee will finalize all legal formalities and the official list of Super Finalists will be published to our fans and supporters.

EuroVoice is grateful to all of you, who devoted themselves to promote and support your favorite artists. Hundreds of musicians will be able to participate in EuroVoice 2011 and prove their popularity one more time.

Every participant is already a winner, because EuroVoice gives the audience, new fans and new possibilities. Together we can establish a new transparent tradition in the music industry and introduce new model of open artist society.

In the middle of June EuroVoice.tv will obtain new look & feel to give even more possibilities to each participant. We will also promote each Super Finalists personally in their native country and all over Europe with all means of available communications. 


EuroVoice is still open for the joining of new musicians to our virtual family to ensure the victory of music.