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Listen to the Spirit of Turkey

Listen to the Spirit of Turkey

12:08 GMT 26 August, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Teoman Nazif has passed the Internet Stage and will represent Turkey in the EuroVoice 2010 Final.

He started his activities in writing lyrics and composing with a deep interest to music movements in the world.

Studio recording of his very first works started by founding the Youth Orchestra of Çukurova in 1999.

He believes, that such a wide-reaching project as EuroVoice will give him new chances in music and the content of the project is also a perfect match with his music projects.

Teoman also believes in his style on the stage. He has the talent and all the features of one singer have to have. And he would like to see the next competition in Turkey.

He had the inspiration of the lyrics from his mother. He started to compose it in 2003. His musician friends and he composed 3 different versions of his Contest Song and in 2005 it was completed with the vocal records at home. It is a very easy song to create different versions besides the competition version. There is nobody specially for this song. It belongs to everybody.

Teoman blieves, that “Music is not such a thing one can just quit”. He will never give up writing songs although there were some breaks he couldn’t sing and compose. His goal is producing own style and being more refined. Also to be memorable for the community by extending his projects and offering new areas to work on.

For him Greece is a lovely country, that makes Teoman feel beter. He feel like in Greece when he listens to Haris Alexiou. And he poses a question to all of us: "We swim in the same sea and breath the same air. Is there any other better partnership?”

EuroVoice greets Teoman Nazif in Final, admire his peaceful music and thoughts and wish success in the competition!


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