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Message of Love from Azerbaijan

Message of Love from Azerbaijan

01:09 GMT 14 September, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

After successful participation in several local contests and winning lots of diplomas and awards, Elmar Askerov gained his pass to EuroVoice 2010. His talent was supported by most of the voters from his country.

Elmar believes in his win and his style of singing is quite different from other contestants. Very few contestants including him sing in English language, which is understandable in the whole world.

The artist trusts in his voice and talent. He devoted all his life to music and will continue his career.

Elmar was ready to spent last money several years before to make a new song arrangement for one of local TV channels and this shows his deep love to music.

The contest song was composed very accidentally and is not devoted to anyone. Elmar has the plans after the completion of the Contest to compose new songs, and release a new album with the songs only in English language.

Once his music career was going down and due to the financial problems and he was thinking of giving it up. But he realized that he can't live without music. It is everything for him. He lives with music and let's support Elmar's aspirations.

If you will pay attention to the lyrics of his song, you will see how deep is its meaning. The message through his song goes to all the loving couples.

EuroVoice welcomes Elmar Askerov to the Final and asks all his fans to support the singer as active as possible!




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