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New Artists Join EuroVoice.tv Every Day

New Artists Join EuroVoice.tv Every Day

11:06 GMT 04 June, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

During the transitional period for EuroVoice before the Super Final 2010 new artists are joining our virtual family every day. For the moment almost 1000 artists are offering their music to grateful listeners. Such a high resonance was caused by the unprecedented manner of voting in the Internet for the best European voice, where everybody has a chance to win.

In the course of preparation to Super Final, much attention is being paid to EuroVoice 2011 despite of its long perspective for the audience. Our contest is focusing on transparency, that is ensured by available on-line tools. Therefore EuroVoice.tv is quickly becoming a platform for sharing the cultures and music all over the European continent.

We believe that digital communications play fundamental role in music culture and EuroVoice will unite technological advancements with the creative world. The winner in this model are listeners, who will get the chance to find more competitive music and select their favorite artists with new generation information tools.