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New Evolution Stage for EuroVoice Artists

New Evolution Stage for EuroVoice Artists

11:06 GMT 07 June, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Almost 1 000 talented artists proposed their music to listeners of EuroVoice and promoted themselves as active as possible.

Despite of the limited number of Super Finalists, EuroVoice gives you a chance to participate in the next year contest. All active participants of the Contest with any activity during the past month will join the company of EuroVoice 2011 contestants.

A lot of artists has not visited portal during last time and will not be included to the list of participants. To renew this status just perform any activity on the portal - add video, photo or music. Afterwards you will be immediately become the member of our virtual family again.

EuroVoice is constantly looking for the new talents and if you want to enhance your fans audience, join the company of European talents at EuroVoice.tv.