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New feature on  www.eurovoice.tv!! Create a fan profile!!

New feature on www.eurovoice.tv!! Create a fan profile!!

08:02 GMT 03 February, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team


Now you can create your personal fan profile!!


• Upload your photo.

Tell us about yourself

• Choose your favourite songs and add them to Your profile.

• Choose Your favourite musicians and help them become stars.

• Start talking on forum. Discuss latest news and event!


How can you help your favourite artist become a star?


Register at www.eurovoice.tv and become a fan!

Develop discussions on ev forum attract new fans to the artists music

Be active on social networks, tell about the contest.

Become a star of promotion! Support future stars and go to the superfinal in Athens!

Enjoy the best music any time!