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Press-Conference in Athens: New Horizons for EuroVoice

Press-Conference in Athens: New Horizons for EuroVoice

06:07 GMT 13 July, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Highlighted by the presence of the famous composer and president of EuroVoice Eric Serra, the second Press Conference of EuroVoice , the new Paneuropean Song Contest, took place on Tuesday July 13th at the King George Palace Hotel in Athens. Eric Serra expressed his enthousiasm about this new music contest that aims to discover and develop new talent in the music industry . Moreover, he highlighted the transparency of the EuroVoice Contest and stimulated his “anxiety to establish the contest not just as an idea but as a theory, which will actually be a step of changing the way that things happen in the music industry, which is today chaotic and weird”.
Press-Conference in Athens:Miltos Karatzas, Eric Serra
Miltos Karatzas, the Greek producer of EuroVoice 2010, a veteran of the music industry, stressed out that: “our goal is that the EuroVoice Portal will be used, all year long, as a dynamic Forum , in which young musicians from all around Europe will upload their songs , giving us the opportunity to discover and promote the work of the most talented ones”. This was one of the most crucial reasons which led him to his decision to get involved with the EuroVoice Contest.
Press-Conference in Athens: New Horizons for EuroVoice
Nino Bakradze the Deputy Director of EuroVoice, guided the participants of the Press Conference through the updated EuroVoice portal and introduced for the first time, Voxy, the new member of the EuroVoice family. Voxy is a transparent character and his heart is the logo of EuroVoice. Voxy will guide the visitors through the Portal and will act as the host of the Super Finals which will take place in Athens on September 23 - 24 at OAKA.