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Press-Conference in Athens Announcement

Press-Conference in Athens Announcement

10:07 GMT 06 July, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

On the 13th of July EuroVoice representatives will reveal highly anticipated details about the Super Final, that will happen in Athens on 23-24 of September, 2010.

President of EuroVoice Eric Serra and General Producer of EuroVoice Miltos Karatzas are calling Europe for the transparency in the music industry and clear way for perspective talents.

Eric Serra will address the European music community and speak about the reasons which led him to participate in the EuroVoice initiative that promotes new talent.

As part of the press-conference, Miltos Karatzas will present updated look & feel and guide users through the new features of EuroVoice.tv - official portal of EuroVoice European Music Contest.

Mass-media representatives from Greece and European countries will participate in the press-conference together with several journalists, who will join the event virtually over the Internet.

Press-conference is set for Tuesday (13.07) at 12:30 in King George Palace Hotel at the KG Ballroom Area III.