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Promotion of the Super Finalists

Promotion of the Super Finalists

12:06 GMT 25 June, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

The announcement of Super Finalists and revealing of other details about EuroVoice 2010 Super Final in Athens will happen on the press-conference in the beginning of July, that will take place in one of the European capitals.

Before this event new social mirrors on Facebook have appeared for each country, participating in the Contest. EuroVoice is willing to be as close as possible to listeners in every corner of Europe and propose the easiest way for fans to communicate with each other

Currently new version of EuroVoice portal is polished in the web-labs to bring new look & feel for our users. New profile for artists and interactive services for users are just several weeks before launching.

EuroVoice Team use every day to ensure the convenience of your on-line experience and unforgettable impressions from the Super Final in Greece.