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Evolution of the voting logics

Evolution of the voting logics

09:04 GMT 30 April, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team



EuroVoice introduces totally new voting model for European fans. Its mechanics is attempting to raise music industry to the new democratic level. In order participate in the Super Final will be selected by free on-line voting, so everybody with the wide fans network can hit the Athens.


Our transparent platform will cast each vote with a state-of-art technological system. Dialogue of EuroVoice with the community will evolve on the edge of on-line world with personal mobile communications. The fans will be able to vote both for and against  the artist from any country. 


Most popular emerging talents in every European country will be defined by the mean of free on-line voting to prove the power of music. Afterwards new and perspective artists will be just one step in front of continental recognition.  


Organizing Committee will reveal the logics of voting on the first day of Internet Stage Voting - 12th of May. Only on-line community can bring the artist to the Super Final to compete for the best European voice status and get the chance to be heard by the millions of listeners.