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Rocking the Stage

Rocking the Stage

02:09 GMT 09 September, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Estonia has supported Dominanta band during the Internet stage. They will represent their country with inspirational and lyrical rock sounds.

Everyone has a self-actualization and inspiration source in life. Some do sports, others collect stamps. Music is what Dominanta band really can and want to do.

In 2008 they changed the drummer and decided to try English repertoire thus calling upon the new vocalist. A number of old songs were redone to fit the English lyrics, and some brand new songs were written.
Right now the band is desperately trying to work out their new sound; trying to mix the old with the new; to blend the energy with the melody, fury with tranquility.

In other words Dominanta wants to find the musical pattern, that poses different emotional states and plunge them into one vigorous groove.

The band believes that music is magic - it provides wonderful sensation of creating something interesting, something useful, something that will appeal to people and perhaps even help them; each day spent alongside your favorite instrument shows more and more possibilities of this craft; composing, writing lyrics, putting it all together, mixing different styles - it's, without the shadow of doubt, an alchemy.   
For them music is a challenge - it doesn't allow us to be at stop, it gives us a goal to go further, to become better, it gives us a purpose; accumulating the music of our favorite performers we intuitively follow them, try to reach something comparable to what they have reached, yet, at the same time, stay on our track and forge our own voice - it is indeed a dare.

Their believes in music will ensure huge support of fans from all over Europe. EuroVoice congratulates Dominanta with passing the Internet Stage and wish to present a great show for wide European audience.




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