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Romantic Soul of France

Romantic Soul of France

11:09 GMT 17 September, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Two weeks of voting through the Internet Stage selected the representatives of France - 3nity Brothers.

The main difference with other contestants and with many artists in general is that they are triplets. This special connection they have together makes them stronger and tighter when singing.

Their inspiration in music comes from the observation of the world, their day-to-day life, the different places they go, the different people they meet... The song "Every Word You Say" is about Love and Hope. Through the love of someone and the feeling stemming from it, they can find hope in life again. This song is dedicated to people who have lost faith, 3nity Brothers would like to tell them that love is somewhere there for you, you have to be believe in yourselves.

Main purpose of 3nity Brothers in music is to spread good energy and positive vibes around, with as many people as possible, all around the world.

They believe, that music is part of Life, it's everywhere and it exists by itself in the Nature.

Main message of 3nity Brothers is Love in its universal meaning and Hope for people.

This peaceful and romantic approach made the band already famous all over Europe and now EuroVoice asks you to support the band on their way to the highest altitude of the music industry!



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