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Show What has become  the EuroVoice Contest’s Super Final co-organizer in Greece.

Show What has become the EuroVoice Contest’s Super Final co-organizer in Greece.

02:04 GMT 13 April, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

        The question, who will become the general producer of EuroVoice European Music Contest was a matter of interest not only for press, but for the project fans as well. More than 300 artists have already registered on EuroVoice.tv and will soon start competing for the place in the Super Final that will take place 25-26 June 2010 in Athens. After limitless meetings and long selection of professionals from different countries, Organizational Committee has signed the contract with the event production company Showhat - a reliable partner who will act as a co-organizer and a general producer of the project.


Today we are ready to announce that an international team of experts from Greece, Britain, Cyprus, Germany, Ukraine, Russia and the United States led by Mr. Miltos Karatzas will work on the Super Final of the contest.


 «It is important for the Music Industry to have singers and songs competing with each other. Unfortunately, today everything is happening in an old-fashioned way: old-fashioned competitions with old-fashioned and not transparent rules controlled by old-fashioned TV and Record Industry executives.


EuroVoice is the singers/songs competition of the 21st Century! It gives young and talented artists from all around Europe the opportunity to introduce their songs through the Internet and to compete with each other in a modern and transparent way. It is an honor for me to be the producer of the first Paneuropean Final of EuroVoice which is going to take place in Athens in June» - general producer Mr. Miltos Karatzas remarked.