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State-of-the-Art Scenic Project Coming Up to Athens

State-of-the-Art Scenic Project Coming Up to Athens

10:06 GMT 21 June, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

A state-of-the-art stage will be constructed in OAKA for the Super Final in Athens, that include latest technologies from television broadcasting and special effects, ultra-modern lighting and sound. The concept of stage itself will ensure 360 degree view so everyone from 18 000 visitors will have equal possibilities to watch the show in details.

General Producer of EuroVoice Miltos Karatzas made an inspection of the venue on last Thursday. He noticed, that Athens will be happy to host such a technologically advanced event.

New European talents will bring the spirit of transparency to EuroVoice stage with the help of next-generation technologies and under control of the professional team of show experts from all over Europe.

Huge screens, high-end sound, world-class special effects and convenient infrastructure will ensure the very best experience from the performance of Super Finalists, who will share the stage with world stars on 23-24 September in Athens.