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Super Finalists are Ready for Competition

Super Finalists are Ready for Competition

12:08 GMT 13 August, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

EuroVoice 2010 is coming to the final route - less them two months divide us from the Super Final. All Super Finalists are enhancing their promo activities to gain wider audience and increase their chances to gain the status of EuroVoice 2010 Winner.

Now it is time for fans to gather all their capabilities and strengths to support their favorite artists. Join groups on social networks and share information among all your friends as active as possible.

One of the effective ways is to translate the lyrics of favorite artists on the portal and make the music of your choice closer to other nations. You will also get a possibility to win 2 free tickets to VIP section of the Super Final. Just go to the Entertainment section on eurovoice.tv.

Artists need the support of all their fans and music lovers and now everything depends on personal engagement of every single friend of EuroVoice to the promo-campaign of the artists. Together we will change the music industry for better!