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Stage Project of EuroVoice

Stage Project of EuroVoice

03:08 GMT 16 August, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Less and less time has been left to the Super Final and new details about the show in OAKA can be revealed to the public.

An imposing technical project will ensure unforgettable experience of visitors due to the engagement of state-of-art technologies.

Leading technical experts from all over Europe, who involved into this project state that Greece will see such a technologically advanced show for the first time in its music history.

More than 600 KWt of light, 400 KWt of sound, 400 sq. m. of best-in-class screens is guarantee of the fantastic show with huge surprises.

But the guarantee of the awesome show first of all is music. 33 Contestants will show their talent to European audience and share the stage with world stars in the Super Final.

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