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The Ways to Win Free Tickets

The Ways to Win Free Tickets

03:09 GMT 01 September, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Hoping that you friends will not come to EuroVoice Contest and will give you a free tickets will probably not help you. But there are several ways that will.

Very little time is left to the long awaited show in OAKA. To become closer to its listeners EuroVoice will give one new possibility to join the Contest -10 free tickets each week. The sweepstake will be available very soon just by joining the sweepstake, that will be available for everybody.

The sweepstake for EuroVoice fans is very simple - you can join our Facebook page or apply for a free ticket on the web-site. Other ways is to join one of the contests in the Entertainment zone on eurovoice.tv.

With the help of creativity share your knowledge of different languages and translate the lyrics of the Contest song to any other European language. Next variant is to give the best answer for the question in another contest.

Miss EuroVoice is also a great way to participate in the contest, win free tickets and invite your friends to Athens.

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