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Wide Coverage of EuroVoice 2010 Guest Stars

Wide Coverage of EuroVoice 2010 Guest Stars

12:09 GMT 07 September, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

International mass-media is paying a lot of attention to the fact of joint performance of Anastacia, Enrique Iglesias and Sakis Rouvas with Pamela Anderson as a host.

Newspapers, television, radio and on-line media underline the fact, that the large scale of the event is more typical for the festival, than for the contest.

Nevertheless, European audience will have an opportunity to witness the birth of the democracy in music on 23 & 24 of September 2010.

The fact of a quick appearance on the big stage for new artist is very unusual either for Contestants and for the media. EuroVoice target is to prove that the real talent couldn't be estimated by its popularity and this is the reason to share one stage among world stars and emerging talents.

EuroVoice thanks to all journalists, who supports the Contest with their publications and deep analysis of the music industry.

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