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The Winner of the EuroVoice 2010 European Music Contest has been announced!

The Winner of the EuroVoice 2010 European Music Contest has been announced!

06:09 GMT 25 September, 2010 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

EuroVoice 2010 has come to an end and the big winner of the Super Finals is Cyprus, represented by the band “The Secret” (Flora Theodorou and Panos Nikolakopoulos, Vassilis "V" Tsangaropoulos, Stelios Sfikakis and Kostamos Yiacoumis). The Secret managed to win the European audience with their performance of the song “In the Arms of My Angel”.

As soon as the Voting procedure at the portal www.eurovoice.tv was over, Pamela Anderson and Eric Serra, President of EuroVoice, announced the results.

 1. Cyprus - The Secret 

 2. United Kingdom - Marlain Angelides

 3. Armenia - The Bambir

 4. Greece - George Tentzerakis

 5. Belarus - Berta

 6. Italy - Bohemian Skyzoid Orchesters

 7. Bulgaria - Boryana Hristova

 8. Russia - Aleksandr Lominsky

 9. Ukraine - Mark Savin

10. FYROM - Andrijana Janevska

11. France - 3nity Brothers

12. Belgium - Loic Walo

13. Austria - Tafkanik

14. Denmark - Pil

15. Israel - Doro Doron Eitan

16. Latvia - Diana Pirags

17. Portugal - Ekus

18. Norway - Bjorn Lislegaard

19. Albania - Altin Goci

20. Serbia - Duo Moderato

21. Bosnia & Herzegovina - Catch Up Paradise

22. Estonia - Dominanta

23. Spain - Demiserables

24. Switzerland - Loraine and the Toy Soldiers

25. Turkey - Teoman Nazif

26. Azerbaijan - Elmar Askerov

27. Slovenia - Jerry & Blueberry

The event was spectacular and full of surprises. The performance of the guest star Enrique Iglesias and his kiss with a female fan that jumped on stage with him were the highlights of the evening. It was a night full of music, beautiful voices and amazing dance performances by “Freedom” ballet, complemented by the radiant personalities of the two hosts. The EuroVoice Organizing Committee thanks you all for voting, see you at EuroVoice 2011!


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