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Harry Styles: Most of the album was written in Jamaica

Harry Styles: Most of the album was written in Jamaica

04:04 GMT 12 April, 2017 | Posted by EuroVoice Team

Following Capital's first play of Harry Styles' first solo single, ‘Sign of the Times', Harry spoke to Capital's Roman Kemp last night about his first solo single, the solo album, Jamaica to record and One Direction reuniting.

On his excitement for the release of his first solo single...
HS: It's been pretty exciting. I've been a little nervous obviously. But yeah, I worked on it most of last year and then kind of finished it up in like January. So it's been exciting and I'm glad to kind of get it out now.

On releasing his first ever solo album...
HS: I'm really looking forward to putting it out. It's been, you know, a really, really fun time writing it. I've had a really good time and I'm really happy with it, so I'm looking forward to getting it out, um, kind of sharing it if you will.

On why he chose Jamaica to write and record his new album...
HS: Most of the album was written in Jamaica. Honestly, when I started, I kind of just wanted to go somewhere where I wasn't gonna get distracted. I didn't wanna like be having to leave the studio for dinner every night and stuff like that. You know in Jamaica we all kind of lived in a house together, so it very much was like constant writing. And it was like the one thing that we were all focussed on. So it was really fun.

On never ruling out One Direction reuniting...
HS: I think the thing that's really cool about it is, you know, we all went through that together and it's like you know, something that we'll always have in common. I don't think any of us will ever rule out anything in the future. You know, it was a huge part of our lives and I think now it's really cool to kind of have everyone go and write what they want to put out as themselves, I think that's something really cool you know. It's the band, it's one thing. And when it's all together it's that and then I think it's interesting to get to see everyone kind of explore their own tastes as well.

On Liam becoming a dad...
HS: I think it's amazing, you know I was talking to him the other day and he's really happy, and you know, congratulations to him. I think it's amazing to see, so I'm really really happy for them both.

On the success of his One Direction bandmates...
HS: It's been nice kind of getting to listen as people put stuff out and you know getting to see the other boys put out songs, you know they've all done so well. It's amazing to kind of see everyone you know go off and do their own thing and try new things I think that's really exciting.

(By music-news.com)