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 Ismaele (Contest version) CONTEST SONG 
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Ishmael, born of thoughts arising after a documentary about sailors died in the battles of the last war, the title is inspired by the book of Mellville, as the final draft of the text, then slowly arose clung to a new way, more current and less literary choice that leads many to cross the Mediterranean on groped improbable craft, full of heads and feet as thick sticks in packs, and often a few of them arrive on our shores inhospitable to tell the terrible adventure gold, as Ishmael in the book recounts her. Every person who hears this song he remains fascinated, impressed and delighted. I am happy, but still lacked one thing, there was a voice that was fluty, who was tormented, liquid and rippled like waves when the sea is bad. But this is not my business, my business was to write and play, her voice is a business of Alessandro.

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