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 Ismaele (Contest version) CONTEST SONG 
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How was born our song.

I think it's time to talk about this song ... How did? The first inspiration I had reflected on a documentary about the marines died during the Second World War, made those documentaries with footage of military operators who would later become great directors, often times that retain a 'strong emotional impact often better to make any comment. While the wording was born I realized that overlapped the history of the protagonist of Melville's famous book and from there I found the name of the song. But the key that I like best is that which gave Tchasqi ... the song seems to talk about how many people die in the Mediterranean trying to escape from a terrible life, without disease and misery, civil wars and abuse, people escaping from places where human life has less value of a transparent stone and opaque, piss black land, stretches of fruits for rich white countries. People who Fabrizio Gatti has described in his articles and books. Some speak as if their landed as their disembarked from a cruise just for make criminals. I believe that choose to sell oneself with their documents to take a trip through Dante that can last years the "Great Erg" and always hoping not to be intercepted by Libyan or Algerian bloody's patrols, having to suffer the rape, steal and beatings of police of the border towns in which they must pass, having anywhere to work like slaves to pay for their next trip to the coast north and then having to work as slaves, hidden like rats otherwise if you pick the Libyan police end up straight in the camps by the "Northern League", must to pay for a place in something called "boat" for a trip that is like a Russian roulette with the sea, well ... if somebody is willing to face all this to come for the slave in this country and also to be despised and driven back to be stuck in camps in Libya wanted by "leghisti", because it is a "dangerous" illegal immigrant ... I think that is to believe that the reality of birth is worse than slavery and invisibility in which it chooses to enter ... As Italians, as a nation, we are responsible, as well as those who have signed agreements with Libya. We expect the account this time, History is watching us ...

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