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 Ismaele (Contest version) CONTEST SONG 
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Our Eurovoice adventure is end, sadness and happyness.

Our Eurovoice's adventure is over, there remains the consciousness of having been a member for four days of an important event for musicians and European music. We are always grateful to Eurovoice and all those have voted us push up have made us participation in the Superfinal. The only sadness for us is the complete absence of Italy intended as an institution and medias, have not noticed anything for the six-month contest on the Internet stage, did not notice or did not want to talk about Eurovo Superfinal, there's not was a commercial agreement with telcos (Telecom, Wind, Vodafone, H3G) from Italy to vote, no newspaper, except an article on "Unione Sarda", he spoke of us to represent our country in Eurovoice Superfinal, we arrived just using our own resources and the support of those who loves us and appreciates our music, no manager, no professional production, no protection from civic institutions where we were born, our feeling is that it has been Eurovoice is snubbed by our country leaders, damaging also the band now says reluctantly to represent them with their songs, is a time that our country led by people with myopic minds ... and are paying the consequences all Italians. Only we arrived and only we competed, we love all those who have supported and still brought up us in the final standings. Hopefully Eurovoice 2011 more powerful and perfect of 2010, the only way to bury into the limbo the music and medias old leaders. Now we see as the months pass it is born for us, while through Eurovoice our visibility in our country has grown .... and of this made we be happy.

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