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DigiFace (The contest project of Andrew Shapovalov and Aleksey Saburov) Andrew Shapovalov, Kyiv (Ukraine) – The author and the lyrics owner of the contest song “How Much do You Love Me? CONTEST VERSION” The DigiFace Project Manager http://www.chitalnya.ru/work/161450/ Aleksey Saburov, Ekaterinburg, (Russia) – The composer and the music owner of the contest song “How Much do You Love Me? CONTEST VERSION”, the singer of this song under stage name Digiface www.digiface.pdj.ru More...
25 September, 2010
Help! More...
19 August, 2010
Hi, Voxy, More...
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Time / Тонкой нитью краем бритвы
Listenings: 13
Autumn in New York / Последние восемь минут
Listenings: 222
Let Me Become Aware of You!/ Дай мне почувствовать тебя!
Listenings: 57
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  Merry Christmas
Views: 0
  In the Sky Over the City / В небе над городом
Views: 89
  Париж, я тебя люблю!!
Views: 259
  Россия 1972 на EuroVoice 2010
Views: 168
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