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 ti parapano CONTEST SONG 
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George Tentzerakis I was born in Athens in the May 4th 1981. I was infatuated with music since I was a young boy; when I was 10 years old, I started learning guitar at the National Conservatory. In 1998 I started singing professionally in various music stages in Athens as well as other Greek provinces. Throughout the years I have collaborated with renowned Greek musicians, composers and singers. Furthermore, I have studied acting at the “Iasmos” drama school under the supervision of famous Greek actress Pemy Zouni. In April 2006 I presented my own, unrecorded at the time, compositions at the famous Athenian music stage “Stavros tou Notou”. When the singer Sofia Vossou, who was also my teacher, acknowledged my potential, the road to discography was open and soon my debut album, called “Mesa Stin Avra Sou” was released, containing eleven songs written by prominent Greek composers. From 2007 until today I have been participating in live performances, several of which were sold out. In 2010, the promo track for my second album, “Ti Parapano”, created in collaboration with Thanos Papanikolaou, was submitted in the EuroVoice music contest and was chosen by the public as the song that will represent Greece in the EuroVoice Super Finals.

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