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Who is P-RAGGA, what is P-RAGGA? It’s the band from the capital of Republic Moldova – Chisinau. Play since October 2008. In the beginning of band’s activity there were 4 members: Lega – vocal, bass; Den – guitar; Sinii – bayan; Morozoff –drums. In present the P-RAGGA band is formed from members: Lega – vocal, effects, acoustic guitar; Den –guitar; Blaze – loops, electronic effects. The main idea is – to make music without any mental or material borders. That’s why the first P-RAGGA’s EP – “P-RAGGA Station” consists of punk, alternative and a little bit of drum’n’bass. Nowadays the band trying to make some experiments in electronic music (especially in drum’n’bass) with elements of reggae, punk, ragga. We try to mix drive of electronic drum bit with power of punk/rock/alternative music. 29 of June 2010 the new single “Jamaica Callin” was released by BURN Recordings. In the end of September we’re planning to release other single – “Aliens In Power” (Drum’n’Bass/Punk/Ragga). For Eurovoice we prepared song named Koma MD (K.o.m.a = Key of my ability) that was made in break beat/alternative genre. MD – simply means that text is in Moldavian (there was also version in Russian). Anyway, the text of the contest song contains 3 languages: Moldavian, Russian and English. We just wanted to make a variety of languages, nations and people in the same way as we have variety of music genres in our songs…

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