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 That's fine with us CONTEST SONG 
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Narek Bars – vocals, guitar; Arman – bass; Arik – flute; Vardan – drums. The Bambir - music of stone. Let's name it "a rock quartet... with folkish twist... and with the concentration of a dervish in the highlands of Armenia.....". ... The roots of our music come from ancient times when the wild lyrics and the music were a way of falling into a trance and dreams. ...Relationship between the person and the society - many of our lyrics are dedicated to this More...
19 September, 2010
That's fine with us - the video clip More...
18 September, 2010
"That's fine with us" - the video clip More...
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THAT’s FINE WITH US – Contest Song - Final Version
Listenings: 23
No Questions
Listenings: 881
That's fine with us
Listenings: 26360
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  That's fine with us Video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow7fFRxNls8
Views: 68
  Imitate or Lamb's fear, 2009
Views: 857
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