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Hi! My name is Voxy. I am crystal human. I live on EuroVoice.tv. In my blog I will tell you about rules, the portal and the Super Final of EuroVoice. I will tell you about Athens - the capital of EuroVoice. Let’s become friends and listen to some music. More...
22 July, 2013
Wowwowwow, dear Funspreader welcome on board!;) More...
21 January, 2013
My dear friends, it's a pleasure for me to introduce a new musician from Сroatia! More...
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  Bjorn Lislegaard /Norway/«Up The Hill»
Views: 6
  LORAINE & THE TOY SOLDIERS /Switzerland/ «Not Strong Enough»
Views: 5
  DEMISERABLES /Spain/ «Cartas Marcadas»
Views: 3
  JERRY & BLUEBERRY /Slovenia/ «In-Ona»
Views: 3
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