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About Eurovoice

Eurovoice European Music Contest is an annual television interactive project.

The owner of rights for project management is Q Productions Limited (UK).

Territory of Eurovoice includes European countries, Turkey and Israel. Eurovoice is based on the principle of transparency More...


Eric Serra is a world-famous producer, composer and the author of soundtracks to many films, such as "Leon", "Nikita", "The fifth Element" and "Joan of Arc" More...

The Winner

Eurovoice 2010 has come to an end and the big winner of the Eurovoice Final is Cyprus, represented by the band “The Secret”

Interview with the band "The Secret"



Voxy is a crystal human, virtual image of Eurovoice, who embodies the idea of transparency. Voxy is a guide, assistant, friend of Internet users and TV viewers More...


The Winner of Eurovoice is determined solely by the audience. At the selection stage Internet-users vote on the official contest website and select participants of the Final.

In the Eurovoice Final Internet users and TV viewers will cast their votes by credit cards and via SMS More...

Eurovoice 2010 has happened on September 23rd - 24th, 2010 in Athens. 27 Participants from 27 countries participated in the first Contest. The winner of Eurovoice 2010 is Cyprus, represented by "The Secret" band. Pamela Anderson and the President of the Contest Eric Serra have become the hosts of Eurovoice 2010. Enrique Iglesias performed on the stage of the Contest on September, 24th as a Special Guest More...

The Winner of Eurovoice will receive 100,000 Euros.

Live & Online
Eurovoice gives a possibility to join its Finals LIVE on TV & Online for everybody independently from location.
Stage 1 Accept the regulations
Stage 2 Basic information
Stage 3 Additional information
Contestant Agreement

EuroVoice European Music Contest is an annual TV project.

Would you like to participate in Eurovoice?

Register on the official EuroVoice website eurovoice.tv and upload your information,songs, pictures, video to your personal file.

After Internet Selection Start announcement, register for the participation in the Internet Selection and specify the Contest song

In the Internet Selection every willing person may vote for your Contest song on the official website for free.

The Performer of the Contest Song, that collected the most votes in its country , becomes the Participant of Eurovoice Final.

In Eurovoice Final every willing person votes for the Contest songs through SMS.

SMS, received from the country Contestant represents, are not taken into account.

The Performer of the Song, that collects the most votes in the Final, will become the Winner of Eurovoice and sign exclusive contract.

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