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About Eurovoice

Eurovoice European Music Contest is an annual television interactive project.

The owner of rights for project management is Q Productions Limited (UK).

Territory of Eurovoice includes European countries, Turkey and Israel. Eurovoice is based on the principle of transparency More...


Eric Serra is a world-famous producer, composer and the author of soundtracks to many films, such as "Leon", "Nikita", "The fifth Element" and "Joan of Arc" More...

The Winner

Eurovoice 2010 has come to an end and the big winner of the Eurovoice Final is Cyprus, represented by the band “The Secret”

Interview with the band "The Secret"



Voxy is a crystal human, virtual image of Eurovoice, who embodies the idea of transparency. Voxy is a guide, assistant, friend of Internet users and TV viewers More...


The Winner of Eurovoice is determined solely by the audience. At the selection stage Internet-users vote on the official contest website and select participants of the Final.

In the Eurovoice Final Internet users and TV viewers will cast their votes by credit cards and via SMS More...

Eurovoice 2010 has happened on September 23rd - 24th, 2010 in Athens. 27 Participants from 27 countries participated in the first Contest. The winner of Eurovoice 2010 is Cyprus, represented by "The Secret" band. Pamela Anderson and the President of the Contest Eric Serra have become the hosts of Eurovoice 2010. Enrique Iglesias performed on the stage of the Contest on September, 24th as a Special Guest More...

The Winner of Eurovoice will receive 100,000 Euros.

Live & Online
Eurovoice gives a possibility to join its Finals LIVE on TV & Online for everybody independently from location.

1. Eurovoice European Music Contest (hereinafter " the Eurovoice") is an annual international interactive TV project. The Eurovoice consists of two stages: Internet Selection and the Final.

2. The Mission of the Eurovoicet is to promote professionalism and transparency in music contests.

3. The Contest Territory includes countries that are located within the geographical boundaries of Europe as well as Israel, Turkey and other countries that might be chosen by the Eurovoice Organizing Committee. 

4. The Eurovoice Rights Holder is the Eurovoice Owner, who has the expertise required for organizing music contests and creation of audio-visual products, or any other legal entity or private individual authorized by the Eurovoice Owner. 

5. The Organizing Committee of the Eurovoice is a legal entities or private individuals that are appointed by the Eurovoice Rights Holder. 

6. The Eurovoice Rules are the principles of organization, methods of participation and voting in the contest. 

7. The Eurovoice Partner is a legal entity or private individual who accepts the Eurovoice Rules and Regulations and acts within a contract signed with the Eurovoice Rights Holder. 

8. The National Partner of the contest is a legal entity or private individual who accepts the Eurovoice Regulations and Rules, acts in accordance with a License Agreement and represents a national participant of the Eurovoice Final. 

9. The National Broadcasting Partner is a legal entity or private individual who provides the national broadcasting time for promoting advertising and informational campaigns of the contest and broadcasting the Eurovoice Final. 

Participant is any legal adult who has the Nationality of any country within the Contest Territory or who holds legal resident status on the territory of those countries (for at least six months), who accepts the Eurovoice Rules and Regulations and who has no legal obstacles (for example, claims from third parties and/or similar contracts with third parties) to sing the Contestant Agreement. The adulthood status of the Participant is judged by the laws of his/her Country of Nationality or legal Residence, as described above. 

10. The Contest song should not have been previously released for commercial purposes. The authors of the Contest song who own the rights to this song must accept the Eurovoice Rules and Regulations and to sign the Contest Agreement. The Contest song may have been performed in non- commercial purposes prior to the Eurovoice and has to be accessible in the Internet for free listening. The Contest song must be free from any claims from third parties. 

11. Voting is a method for determining the results of the Eurovoice by means of free voting during the Eurovoice Internet Selection, and also paid SMS, phone calls and paid voting on the official contest website eurovoice.tv during the Eurovoice Final. 

12. The Winner of the Eurovoice is the Participants of the Final  Show with the highest score. The Winner of the Eurovoice signs a contract with the Eurovoice Rights Holder for the recording, release, and distribution of the winning Participant's first album, with an exclusive option of the Eurovoice Rights Holder to extend the above mentioned contract for releasing the following two albums of the Winner of the Eurovoice.


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